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Morning Glory Cloud Australia

The Morning Glory Cloud video footage and images here are from Baddog Productions Australia who have recently produced a documentary on the Morning Glory Cloud.

Dawn over the Gulf during the latter part of the dry season and if you're lucky the atmosphere will put on for you one of it's rarest and most spectacular displays....the Morning Glory Cloud, one of the world's most extraordinary meteorological phenomenon. Up to two kilometres high stretching from horizon to horizon this is a shockwave in the atmosphere of immense proportions which now attracts glider and hang glider pilots who ride it just as a surfboard rider does on the ocean.

Morning Glory Cloud Australia Satellite Image

This satellite image shows the Morning Glory appearing between Karumba and Burketown with a number of waves forming. Here is Morning Glory Cloud meteorological information including synoptic charts, computer modeling, photos and video footage which demonstrate the weather patterns that accompany the Morning Glory Clouds. 

Albert River near Burketown, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia

The best location to see the Morning Glory is Burketown in far North Queensland's Gulf of Carpentaria. The Glory generally goes through Karumba before dawn and arrives shortly after first light in the Burketown area. Towns are few and far between in this part of Australia - if you are travelling be prepared for some quite remote countryside with October temperatures over 40 degrees celsius at times. Many of the roads are dirt and the first thunderstorms of the wet season can start in mid to late October

Here is tourist information on Burketown

Other places in the Burketown region worth checking out are.......

Sweers Island: also has the roll cloud arriving shortly after dawn and is a tropical paradise not to be missed. Great fishing with boats and fishing gear included 

Sweers Island aerial video:

Birri Resort: On Mornington Island for fishing and relaxing.

Lawn Hill Gorge: A stunning oasis with spring fed creeks and waterfalls...fabulous swimming and camping!

Aerial Video of Lawn Hill Gorge: